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CH Armachord's Adagio "Tiama" PCD CD CGN RN
Born April 13, 2004
BPIG Ch Kylador's Con Armachord Adagio CGC CD WC
Ch Kylador's ZSeaforth Firetorch CGC CD RN

Tiama 36 Hours Old

Tiama 7 Days Old
Tiama 13 Days Old

Tiama 24 Days Old

Tiama 10 Weeks Old

Tiama stacked 10 Weeks Old

Tiama One Year Old

Tiama's First Conformation Points
Tiama is a Champion!!
Tiama earns her Pre-Companion Dog title !!!
Tiama earns her Companion Dog title in STYLE!
Tiama and our Friends Laurie Gleiser and Reese earn Rally Novice titles
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