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Excellent temperament is paramount here at ARMACHORD.
We meet and spend time with the stud dogs who service our girls.
They (and their parents) must have excellent temperaments. .  

All breeding pairs at ARMACHORD must pass Health Clearances as recommended by the Codes of Ethics of the

Ontario Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club
and the
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club of Canada

Hip x-rays which are examined and assessed by OFA.

Eye examinations performed by a Canine Ophthalmologist

DNA screening for Progressive Retinopathic Atrophy and Collie Eye Anomaly, Cleft Palate, Cleft Lip Syndactyly Syndrome and Junvenile Onset Addison's Disease status at OFA approved laboratories.

Cardiac Auscultation performed by a Canine Cardiologist.

And others as each breeding dictates. 

ARMACHORD Tollers are sold with a limited and conditional guarantee. If you have any questions about this please ask us. Toller litters are small, averaging 5 or 6 puppies.  We could have a wait list longer than the number of pups arriving. So to be sure we're placing our babies in the most suitable homes we will ask you to complete a questionnaire.  These questions are geared to help us learn what you're looking for in a pup and to help us know if a Toller is the right breed for you. We send the questionnaire via email. Our email link is below.

Interested families are very important to us so we want to give them the attention they deserve. So we meet them one on one.

Once we receive the completed questionnaire we'll have a visit so you can meet me and my Tollers and see where and how I raise my puppies and ask lots of questions. At that point we'll know if a Toller is the right breed for you. If it is I will put you and your family on my wait list.

We can't guarantee or promise any certain pup or a pup of a certain gender for any one family or person. Pups are always matched to families and individuals according to temperament and aptitude based on the families plan for the puppy. If a certain gender is most important to any individual or family it must be understood that even if there are pups of the preferred gender in a litter a suitable pup may not be available.

We work along side other Toller breeders and in the event where we don't have a puppy for a family we will refer that family to another breeder.

More About Adopting An Armachord Toller Pup

We here at Armachord feed all our pets a RAW diet. While we don't insist on our pups going to RAW homes, we encourage families ask us about it.  We see remarkable results!! Their teeth are clean, they don't smell, their coats gleam and their general over-all health is excellent.

We also follow a limited vaccination protocol. Vaccines are good...too many of them are not. So we very highly recommend vaccinating for diseases that present a real risk for the dog. We can help you find a veterinarian who knows Tollers.

To ensure the pup has the best chance at an excellent temperament all Armachord Tollers will be required to attend at least three progressive levels of obedience training at an accredited school. Please ask us about these if you are not familiar with them. We love talking about it!

If you are interested in Armachord Tollers please contact us by email


Or telephone us at 1-519-633-4267. This number is in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

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