Tiama and Sam's Puppies

Born November 9, 2008
CH Armachord's Adagio Tiama CGC CD WC
Westerlea Seaforth SamIam

Pappa Sam

Tiama Cooling her Tummy

Tiama with Sam's One Day Old Puppies

Tiama Nursing Aida's Puppies

Tiama and Aida share nursing duties

Puppies in the Pen

Roger 24 Hours Old

Roger 5 Days Old

Roger 11 Days Old

Roger 14 Days Old

Roger 23 Days Old

Roger 4 Weeks Old

Maureen 24 Hours Old

Maureen 5Days Old

Maureen 11 Days Old

Maureen 14 Days Old

Maureen 23 Days Old

Maureen 4 Weeks Old

Mimi 24 Hours Old

Mimi 5 Days Old

Mimi 11 Days Old

Mimi 14 Days Old

Mimi 23 Days Old

Mimi 4 Weeks Old

Benny 24 Hours Old

Benny 5 Days Old

Benny 11 Days Old

Benny 14 Days Old

Benny 23 Days Old

Benny 4 Weeks Old

Joanne 24 Hours Old

Joanne 5 Days Old

Joanne 11 Days Old

Joanne 14 Days Old

Joanne 23 Days Old

Joanne 4 Weeks Old

Angel 24 Hours Old

Angel 5 Days Old

Angel 11 Days Old

Angel 14 Days Old

Angel 23 Days Old

Angel 4 Weeks Old

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